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Media Strategy

More than ever users are seeking information and basing decisions on their peers’ advice and opinions. Customers head to your Facebook and Twitter sometimes based on a post or a re-tweet. Let your brand identity on social media be consistent with the brand you have worked so hard to develop. A well designed website, quality SEO with video marketing increasing your odds of your brand going viral.

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2.25 Billion Mobile Active Users


37% of US Adults Use Instagram


320 Million Monthly Active Users


330 Million Monthly Active Users

Social Media Marketing

Ready to figure out your social media marketing strategy?

If you’re overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, you’re definitely not alone and WebbDesignz can help.

Because social media isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Not by a long shot.

From choosing the right channels to figuring out your content strategy, analysis paralysis is a serious problem for marketers today.

That’s why we put together a comprehensive guide to creating a social media marketing plan from scratch.

A succinct strategy will help your brand tackle its goals with a sense of purpose. We have a step-by-step social media marketing plan to help you identify your social goals, engage audiences and optimize your results. Our informative blog can help you understand pay per click ads, SEO, website design and much more. Visit our portfolio or contact us today!


Set meaningful social marketing goals
Research your target audience
Establish your most important metrics
Analyze your competition
Create and curate engaging content
Make timeliness a top priority
Assess your results and optimize
Communicate goals, challenges and wins with your team


Social Media Effectiveness Starts With A Plan!

Think precision!
Many brands mistakenly assume they need to distribute their content anywhere and everywhere to maximize its reach. But plastering your brand’s content across every social network, trendy news site, and video platform that comes along is not a channel plan. That attempt to go as far and wide as possible on social media holds no regard for whom it reaches, how they might be impacted, or how that impact might reflect on the business.

Social Media Channel Choices

Use Case For Social Channels

Standards For Your Brand's Conversations

Execute The Plan Consistently

So Are You Ready??
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